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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review By Scott Darvid

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle was a business that had a great start, in fact, we perceived it to be a lucrative home based business model, but after digging a little deeper, we got our hands on the reality. And the truth is, there is nothing new about the business, it is the plain old job just with some make up this time.

8 figure dream Surprisingly, the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Business appears to be directly linked with the Tidom Business.  The founders of 8 Figure Lifestyle are also the members of Tidom Inc. offering same downloadable products as in Tidom.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle  is a spin off of Tidom INC yet some say 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle has been around a while. For example, a person can claim that he is associated with the business for last 8 years, but, the fact is, that Tidom is just 2 years old business model. It was completely launched in 2017 whereas there were some prelaunch activities earlier.

Here is complete 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review that will help you understand the business better:

The expenses and upfront costs:

Just like Tidom, 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Business also has same expensive costs associated with it. You have to pay a whopping $2000, $3500, $6500, $12500, $22000 along with the hosting fee of $500.

While most of the things appear similar, the major difference is that you pay much more here.

If you will avail their market funnel to check the recorded traffic for your webinar, it will cost you another $79.00. The auto-responder cost is $20 per month. And not to forget the marketing costs, if you make your marketing budget around $500 weekly, you overall costs can raise up to $2500 per month.

There is also some fine if you deviate from the defined list of rules. For example while making calls for your business marketing, if you accidentally call a do not call number, a hefty fine or a lawsuit will be charged on you.

The new system is not only risky but also a big burden for your pocket.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Business Compensation:

Could 8 Figure Dream Be Profitable? Yes But..

Here is what you have to face in this business after you shell out a good amount of your hard earned money:

  • You need to pay your first sale to the inviter.
  • Your qualifier sale is also for your inviter. In fact, you do not earn from the qualifiers in future as well.
  • There is no residual income in future.


8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Business is just repacked Tidom business and we do not recommend it to anyone. If you are really interested in making some good money in no time, you must try out IWIN123, which is an incredible platform for making your 8 figure dream come true.

If you choose IWIN123 Business Opportunity you get:

  • Access to the world of opportunities.
  • Get Paid on Your First Sale
  • Your inviter (Sponsor-Coach) helps you in closing the first two sales at NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • You do not give up a Qualifier- You just pass the commission up so you earn when YOUR QUALIFIER EARNS!
  • You make 10% residual commision on every sale made by any person whom you sponsored, so you have a consistent residual income
  • Work 1 on 1 as a team as you are partnered up financially with your sponsor.
  • Your Sponsor is not considered your competition as there is Residual Income forever.

So, what are you waiting for; start your IWIN123 Home Based Business today.