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Have you heard about 8 figure dream scam? Yes, the air in the market is filled with lots of rumors about the program and its pitfalls. O doubt people talk about the good features of the program but the shortcomings are enough to overwrite any good aspect of the business. If you aren’t aware of what all is going wrong with the 8 figure dream business opportunity, here we have jotted down and major failings of the entire program which will help you and guide you whether or not, you should choose the business opportunity. So, here it is:

Anonymous Owner:

There is no visible trace of the identity of the owner of 8 figure dream lifestyle business. The anonymity of the owner makes the business doubtful. The business is however connected with TiDom which was another business offering a money-making opportunity owned by Jonathan. But, the 8 figure dream lifestyle nowhere mentions Jonathan’s name.

Legal status:

The program is again one of the cash gifting programs that claim itself legit but in reality are far away from the legal framework guidelines. They do not follow the taxation laws and claim the income of the program as tax-free as they are receiving the cash as a gift. However, when confronted by the legal authorities, their claim is not going to last legal.

Sales Pitch:

They may market their products as 100% commission based program but to reap the benefits one has to register on the site and this registration comes at a cost. The subscription of the program is very expensive wherein you have to pay $2000 plus $149 license fee for registering basic membership. The cost rises significantly $3500 + $295, $6500 + $395, $12500 + $445, $22000 + $449 for builder package, advanced package, pro package and VIP package respectively.

Qualifier sales:

If you are wondering the lucrative commission will make you earn a great living, you might have overlooked the qualifier sales part. You have to struggle hard to get your first sale and then gift it to your recruiter to qualify for the program.


In all, the program has much wrong than right and we are doubtful that it would survive in long term. Is 8 figure dream scam Really a Scam?  My review insists that to become successful and wealthy you would need True Residual Income. So my Conclusion on the 8 Figure Dream Scam is not a scam,  However you want to go with a business that offers true resudual income. This Business offers a True residual income!