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Many of you out there may have heard of a company called Automated Income Systems which has been getting quite of bit of traffic.


What is Automated Income Systems


Automated Income Systems has been around since April 2017. An affiliate membership is the only thing you will receive that comes with a fee. Although there is an option that does not have a fee. I will expound on that later
Automated Income Systems does not have any products which means there is no retail product line to offer. AIS does not offer any service to it’s customers.

With Automated Income Systems affiliates are provided with access to “biz-op leads’ and “viral traffic”.


Automated income Systems Compensation Plan


Starter Membership                  $97
Silver Membership                    $297
Gold Membership                      $597
Platinum Membership                $997
Diamond Membership               $1497

Once you have chosen which level you would like to join at you are free to recruit new affiliates. You will receive commissions from the sales of all or any of the affiliates that you brought into the company.

Yes, one can join AIS for free, but I do not suggest this because you might miss out on a lot of commissions that could be yours. Being at a higher a level (gold, platinum, diamond) can persuade your prospects to do the same so that your income and commissions will be at its high point.

The Diamond membership is the highest level. When your prospects are encouraged to go the same route you can receive $1300.
If you choose to go with the free membership you will only be earning $25 from your residual sales.

ROI or Return of Investment
Basically, the more you invest the more you will earn.

End Thoughts
Well being that there is no retail product line, I am finding no interest in investing with this company.

Member recruitment and persuading prospects to become a member is about the only work I gather from this system, therefore I do not believe it is a good choice for an MLM business. AIS allures its prospects with its high range of commissions on recruitment.

I certainly hope that this review of Automated Income Systems helped for those thinking about investing in their company.

My Recommendation

Xtreme Marketing Code- This is my suggestion as I have had great success with the company.
XMC is the future of marketing and offers real products!  Many companies just sell leads and offer no software to use or sell. There are no fake promises or boasting about unrealistic deals and results, therefore Xtreme Marketing Code wins my recommendation. Xtreme Marketing Code is truly one of a kind. Xtreme Marketing Code is a very trustworthy company. Xtreme Marketing Code also has Software products that you can physically utilize to market any business and have resale rights to.

Xtreme Marketing Code focuses on a TEAM effort. Your inviter is financially vested in you, so he/she is not going away, because they want to make commissions off your sales. Teamwork is what makes Xtreme Marketing Code so unique. XMC Is the most up to date Marketing Platform it very reliable and shows all extremely good signs of survival in this ever-changing industry.

You will be provided guidance from your mentor as there is true residual income and the company allows you to sell the software which is an actual product you can use.
Xtreme Marketing Code is the future of true residual income. Claiming all your sales and receiving True Residual income of all sales from affiliates in your network is guaranteed for life.

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