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If you are looking for an old and stale cash gifting program with a fresh topping, you may well go for Business Success Alliance. Indeed Rob Abrams played smartly by launching the old Millionaire Marketing Machine deal with a new cover and a website, which we all know by the name of Business Success Alliance. The only new addition to the business (except the name and the website) is the downloadable digital products: software, e-books, and audios.

Business Success Alliance ReviewThe business stands out from other home based businesses as it offers a product line that has 7 unique products to offer. The cost of these packages can range anywhere from $500 to $ 50,000.

And yes, like most of the business that we review under our Home Based Business Reviews segment, this program too demands you to let go your first sale.

The costs and expenses:

The software tracking under the Business Success Alliance is a paid deal for all the members. You will have to pay up to $50,000 to join Business Success Alliance on different participation product levels.

There is an additional fee for the landing page required for the marketing of the products. This is a monthly fee of $ 19.95 to be paid on a mandatory basis.

There is again an admin fee that starts from $ 98.00 and reaches as high as $ 1498.00. To find out new people and generate a lead, you have to pay some additional fee to the admin. Adding all these costs, the program certainly becomes expensive for an average person.

Legal Issues:

This is the only aspect of the business that satisfies us. The owners aren’t running the business as a cash gifting program, neither do they claim that the money involved in the business is tax free. The business structure demands you to show all income as taxable.

Advantages of Business Success Alliance

Our Business Success Alliance review claims this business as OK because they at least offer the members to choose the marketing and promotion strategies. The products again aren’t much of the interest to the members but they prefer earning money. The income thus earned from the business is transferred to the members via FedEx, UPS or DHL. The administration of the business is well maintained and flawless.

Disadvantages of Business Success Alliance

When you choose to become a member of this business model, you indirectly choose the dependency on your inviter. There is no way you can survive in the business without the direct support of your inviter.

Even if you are an expert and know how to run the business son your own, lure people to join the business can be a task as the business model has high operating fees and cost of entry.

Again, the business does not let you enjoy your first sale and it goes directly to your inviters account.

If you are wondering about residual income, we are sorry to declare that there is no provision of that too.


The business is on the floor for a year now, and in this span of time, they aren’t actually able to earn members. The software they offer is outdated and thus does not entice the members.


While most of us want to do a home based business, not many of us have the right idea or direction to start from. To help you out, we recommend doing IWIN Home Based Business. This is one and the only business that offer you unique benefits. This includes:

  • You do not have to let go your first sale
  • You get a fixed residual income
  • The entry fee in negligible
  • And it is in the market for more than 10 years now.

So, if you are all set to do a home based business, there s no wiser and better choice than IWIN Home Based Business opportunity.