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Cash Arrives 365 has been on the market for over 4 years and is one of the veteran 1UP gifting Program. The program is quite attractive as it offers the participants to have three different levels of participations- $500, $1500, and $3500. The program is administered by professionals using a third party tracking software system that is used to monitor the gifts and referrals received.

Cost and expenses related with Cash Arrives 365 gifting program:

To become a participant of the Cash Arrives 365 program, apart from paying the entry level fee, you have to pay an additional tracking software expense that is $120 per year. This amount is in addition to the cost of the gifts that you have to buy and the marketing cost that you have to pay as per the different levels.

Legal issues related to Cash Arrives 365:      

Like all other gifting programs, Cash Arrives 365 also has the same legal flaw. The legal conflict about the status of this program has been long in discussion. One of the major red flags is that the members of the Cash Arrive 365 program do not refer themselves as a business.

The program is introduced as a private activity where admission is exclusively on the basis of invitation. They also refer to the IRS statute that any gift received up to the value of $13000 is tax-free. So, on these grounds, the money that you receive through this business is tax-free as you receive it as a gift.

Our expert legal associate clears that this concept will not be able to hold in the court session because the whole program is being run like a business. So, all those who do not pay income tax on the money earned from Cash Arrives 365, has to face tax evasion charges.

There is one more flaw in this program- they do not have any product. The court will have all the rights to question the authenticity of the program and thus declare it as a Ponzi scheme.

Advantages of the program: Our gifting program review highlights only one major advantage of this program- it is affordable. The entry level fee of this program is just $500 which is widely accessible. They also offer you assistance in calling and offer weekly conference calls to invite prospects. These scripts are well scripted and highly professional.

Disadvantages of the program:

The unavailability of strong, professional leaders and best marketing tool is the biggest flaw of the program. Apart from that, the claim that the program is a gifting program and hence tax-free is another disadvantage.

Compensation plan under Cash Arrives 365

The program is attracting more participants as it offers three level entry structures. You can choose three levels by paying $500, $1500 or $3500 respectively as per your choice. All the cash gifts that you receive are delivered by FedEx, UPS or DHL.

Support offered:

There is no support offered for this business, also the training is very little to work efficiently. The entire program appears as a small organization that does not have a planned structure.


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