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EXITUS Lifestyle is not much different from the conventional businesses that we have reviewed on our website before. Though it is a new business it is based on the old business structure already floating in the market. Founded by Paul SExitus Reviewstevenson, a non-United States resident, the business, however, differs in one aspect and that is the limited or one level entry system.

After much research Paul Stevenson created this business to curb some legal issues often faced by gifting programs. For this, the EXITUS website offers many downloadable products on its site that do not come under any legal purview. These products are basically Marketing & Personal development software.

Designed in April 2016, EXITUS have complete more than a year in the market. It is one program that offers initial training as well as a detailed question & answer calls to its participants. However, the program is designed for a specific sector of the market that is the rich people as it has high entry fees equal to $1000.

Administered using a tracking software base, this program is claimed to have limited customer base. If you are willing to participate in this program here is an honest EXITUS review that you must know before you proceed.

Upfront costs & other expenses associated with EXITUS Lifestyle:

This program is especially for those people who have a lot of money to get started. As aforesaid, the entry level fee is $1000. The administration fee for the website was $200 earlier but soon administers of the website raised the fee with good 50% and now it is $300.

After some time, you might have to pay $30 as domain fee along with a $20 per month 800 phone number fee for quick recommendations. Besides all these costs there will be some additional marketing costs counting some hundred dollars.

For attracting new members if you choose to make calls, you need to buy the phone numbers plan and that will cost you another $300. On top of this, your first sale goes to your inviter, quite unfair, isn’t it?

So, if you think you will be able to handle all these costs, there are little chances to make money with EXITUS Lifestyle.

Legal Issues:

This is one area where the program appears sound; there are no claimed legal issues with the program.

EXITUS Lifestyle Business Disadvantages:

  • You are completely dependent on your inviter; especially if you are inexperienced.
  • If your inviter itself is new to the system, there are all the chances that you will sink.
  • If you do not have enough wealth to support the lucrative fee of this program, there is no use in registering for it.

EXITUS Compensation Plan:

  • You have to give up your first sale to your inviter.
  • You have to bear all the expenses for marketing the qualifier.
  • You need to find the second person soon and also ensure that the second person finds his first person so that you may earn.


When compared to other programs in the market like IWIN123 Business Opportunity, EXITUS appears dull and overly priced. While in IWIN123 Business Opportunity you own your first sale, earn residual income as well as have to pay a negligible entry fee, EXITUS is completely opposite. We suggest, only those who have good financial support system should consider this expensive program.