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For those who are interested in 8 Figure Dream business, this article will be an eye-opener. In this article, you will learn about such aspects of the business that will help you see the opportunity in the different light. Though the business has become the talk of the town, but it has its own shortcomings that do not make it ideal to include in the list of lucrative business opportunities. Let us discuss some such facts here:


• The Business is a Paid Gig


This is not free to join opportunity rather you have to purchase a membership. On a later date, if you wish to move a level or two above, you must buy that membership too. The basic member fee starts from $2000 with $195 license fee additional. You will also get some scripts and training sessions.


• You have to do a Qualifier Sales:


This is the first sign of 8 figure dream scam. There is no doubt that making an online sale is tough. You put all your efforts in selling a product and then your first sale goes to the person who hired you. In 8 Figure dream lifestyle business, you do not get the commission of your first sale.


• Selling the products is a deal:


Most of the home based business opportunities are selling the same thing and the market now has become saturated. People are tired of same offerings and thus selling these products is tough. You cannot expect people to buy ebooks worth thousands of dollars without a compensation plan where everyone wins. What I mean by that is True Residual Income.


These facts clearly state the 8 Figure dream lifestyle is not a very lucrative business opportunity due to its lack of Residual Income. If you want to do some real business and recieve True Residual Income, IWIN123 is by far the better opportunity.


What is IWIN123?


IWIN123 is one of the best home based business opportunity in the market. It is established by a reliable player of the market and offers best results and True Residual Income. When Your Team makes sales YOU earn Residual Commissions.


Why IWIN123?


There are many reasons that claim joining IWIN123 is the best choice, a few of them are mentioned below:


1- You own your first sales:
Unlike 8 figure dream business, IWIN123 do not take claim of your first sales. You get the complete commission on all your first sales.

2- Qualifying sale:

Unlike 8 figure dream business your qualifying sale which is your second not first sale stays on your team. You do not pass that qualifyier to your inviter so you reep the benifits of all residual sales of that qualifying sale.

3- Residual income:

Along with the ownership of your first sale, you also get a lifetime residual income. This means, no matter you are working or not, you can easily profiteer by the efforts of your team. Meaning everytime your team makes a sale YOU EARN a Residual Commission for not doing any maketing!


4- Uncompromised assistance:
Your inviter is bound to offer you sales leads and also assist you in closing your sales. You can seek help and guidance from your inviter without paying any extra money.


So, before you join 8 figure dream, understand these facts completely, compare the business and make the right choices. See our IWIN123 Reviews Here. Home based business is a blessing only if you do what is the best, otherwise, you will be wasting money, time and efforts. So if your ready to live the 8 figure dream I welcome you to take a look at IWIN123 Home Business.