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Teaching and Training Ordinary People to $1,000 a day… The Easy Way!

“How To” Text Your Way To $1K Per Day It’s Easier Than You Think It Is. Below Is Part Of Many IWIN123 Home Business Reviews.

text-message-marketing-with-scott-darvinBy writing these iwin123 home business reviews it will help show you how iwin123 really stands out. Home based businesses are great? They give you amazing profits and more satisfaction than any other job. The reason is the ability to work from the comfort of your home and the feeling of contentedness of earning what you actually deserve with IWIN123 Home Business. BUT!! There are many things that are critical to making your business successful, marketing through the right channel is one of them.

Marketing is critical for IWIN123 home business and with the advent of text message marketing it has profiteer the business owners tremendously. Wait, did I just hear you mutter –you do not use SMS Marketing? If so, I must say you are digging the grave of your business yourself. Yes, SMS marketing is that important to your business. Confused?? Well this is why I write these iwin123 home based business reviews. Here let me explain how?

I would like to explain the theory quoting one of my experiences; I run an IWIN123 home business so I write iwin123 home business reviews to show others the greatness of IWIN123 and trust me I earn pretty well. Do you know how, because a simple experiment of mine showed me the right way to do business? I tried out something which resulted in 3 opt-ins in less than an hour. Yes, it is true. Here is everything that happened:

I build Promotional products and run a promotional company. To try out the effectiveness of SMS marketing (because I heard a lot of IWIN123 business review which made me curious) I sent out a very tiny broadcast for a client Dave via a front end platform Xtreme Marketing Code and for my surprise in less than an hour I had around 3 new prospects opt into his lead capture page built with a system called Xtreme Marketing Code!

Why I liked it:

  • It gave me instant result; I mean 3 opt-ins in less than an hour.
  • It was easy to use, simple SMS sending process that entices the prospects instantly.
  • A fast way to reach your clients
  • Much easier & effective than the traditional email system.
  • Visible results and instant satisfaction for your results.

The IWIN123 home business reviews that I read stated that this would happen, but I never expected it to be this effective. Impressed with the initial success I did try it for real and the results were astonishing. I have earned $70,000 bucks since February that too without any Facebook or safe list. Additionally, I was on a month-long holiday and still earned $6000 without any sale or efforts.

Here, let me make clear that I do not spend a single penny on Facebook ads. They are way too expensive to deal with; how can you drain your profits to something like Facebook ads. I never used it and my IWIN123 home business compensation is way higher than any other business model.

The Secret of My Consistent Income:

If you are wondering how I earned so much despite a month long holiday I would unveil the secret. I run my IWIN123 home business on SMS marketing platform and this offers me an access to lucrative 10% income stream that I receive from my personally sponsored members. And yes, this is a unique feature that no other mid to high ticket program offers. This made me enjoy the holidays while the income flow was intact.

For those who are into high ticket program, or are selling affiliate products through click bank or any other platform, you must be aware that once you make a sale you do not get a chance to make another penny. The incentive system stops right there, your chance to help your people get banned. This is where IWIN123 Home  Business Reviews and Opportunity stands out compaired to others.


My reasons to embrace the 3 Step Formula Combining SMS Marketing:

Okay, now my entire team, this include me, Merry, Dave & many other members use this incredible formula and trust us IWIN123 home business compensation knows no bound. The reasons are:

  1. Over 98% of all text messages are opened and read within minutes of sending out your message
  2. About 97% of all smartphone owners send out at least one text message a day
  3. Over 90% of all text messages are read in 3 minutes or less.
  4. Over 80% of Adults are now using text messaging to friends and family as well as co-workers which make it the most common function of a mobile
  5. Roughly 33% of consumers are subscribed to SMS marketing and…
  6. Less than 2% Opt out from getting these messages
  7. Many Huge companies now use SMS Marketing. I ordered a Pizza the other day from Domino’s and got a TEXT MESSAGE when they were on their way
  8. Text Message Marketing yields an 80% increase in “Live” Conference call attendance due to being able to send the reminder.

If you do not trust me, there are many IWIN123 system user’s review that is floating in the virtual space. There are many other positive reasons that acclaim SMS marketing the best but the ones stated above are enough to convince you.

The Incredible World of SMS Marketing:

Just evaluate your day and the extent of your dependability on a mobile. Yes, everything today is based on mobile. We hardly miss any notification on our mobile. This makes an incredible opportunity for businesses to market themselves. If you are suffering from your marketing efforts try out SMS marketing.

Your home based businesses would grow at an exponential rate. If you are wondering what exactly iwin is, it stands for “The Institute for Wealth in Networking”.

Trust me, try it out and you will be surprised to see the IWIN123 home business compensation you earn. And yes there is nothing like  IWIN Scam, all those who talk about IWIN123 Scam are those who do not have the guts to cherish the success rate of IWIN123. So, be happy and go ahead trying this incredible platform.

Come Make Your Life One Endless Weekend! Remember it is about ALL of US!

Coach Scott Darvid.