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IWIN123 Review


Sometimes we must put these reviews out there such as this iwin123 review. It is a shame that competitors (This Particular Competitor or should I say Fake Reviewer) make up fake reviews. Business is Business but when you are finished reading this IWIN123 review you will see that a former IWIN123 member who Made MONEY with IWIN123 likes to use a BAIT & SWITCH tactic.

Bait & Switch tactics do work but you need to know the facts before you send the bait. This individual MICHAEL Brown who seems to be Fake Reviewer as he ENDORCES IWIN123 Right in his review!

Yes, you see Michael writes a review on IWIN123 to try and get his audience to buy his $19 product over a $3,750 product… Yes, you heard that right!

You see MICHAEL a former IWIN123 owner who was asked to leave because he was in violation of the IWIN123 policy’s. The IWIN123 review that was written talks about how he made a over a 400% ROI (Return on investment), turned down a $3,750 sale and at the same time does an ENDORCMENT IWIN123 Review.

IWIN123 has been around for over 12 years and IWIN123 constantly adds new products for there members. Yes, some of the products are old, but think of Math in school is adding, subtracting, division, and multiplication still taught the same? Yes, it is. Is writing still taught the same? Yes, it is. The bottom line is Michael used all the IWIN123 Products and made money doing it. He Just wants to make false reviews to feed people to his offer.

Myself being part of the IWIN123 Business for 3 years now FULL TIME would think He would Just stick to the Truth and not make up stories and an IWIN123 review that is completely false. The sleezy tactic MICHAEL Brown uses is to write reviews on Businesses that have 0 complaints and are accredited so he can falsely and knowingly gain sales on his $19 product.

I have been here now for 3 years and have been successful. If I found a business like iwin123 or was shown one with a compensation plan than IWIN123 I would consider, yet there isn’t.

I am writing this IWIN123 review not to say don’t be part of multiple businesses or add more knowledge to your entrepreneurship library, yet I want to make clear and point out Fake Reviewers who make legitimate and credible businesses look bad and feed off that businesses success.

I am also not here to do a review on Michael’s latest adventures just to point out and thank Michael for doing an IWIN123 review and endorsing IWIN123 that you can really earn Money as he stated he did on his IWIN123 Review.