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8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Review offers you a deep insight of the business. The business is a multilevel marketing business package that may not be very compatible for the first timers. You have to pay a fee of $2000 to join this business and hence it becomes a game of the rich people. Here is a complete 8 Figure Dream review that offers you all the pro and cons of the business:

About 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle:

It is a business program where one has to buy a business package to join the program. The package includes training material on different self-improvement topics including lifestyle, health, fitness, confidence, and others. The training material is supposed to help the individual in promoting the business as an affiliate.

The package also includes some sort of promotional material that helps you market the business and sell the product.

There is no training or on call assistance and most of the time, you will find people pushing you for sale while continuously failing in answering the basic questions about the business and the products.

Expenses & Costs: 8 Figure Dream Review

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a 5 level program where you can buy 5 different business packages:

  • Basic Membership: The cost of the basic member ship starts from $2000. You also have to pay an additional admin fee of $149.
  • Builder Package: To join at this level you have to pay $3500 plus $ 295 extra as an admin fee. The level also offers you some training material on motivation.
  • Advanced Package: After paying $6500 and additional $395 you will be able to participate in the program at an advanced level. The package that you buy offers you 25 videos that help you drive the traffic to your site.
  • Pro Package: A whopping $12500 will offer you a chance to become a participant and buy the pro package. Not only this, but you will have to pay $445 extra on top of that.
  • VIP Package: The company does offer a VIP package for elite people who have the spending power of $22,000. An addition of $449 is there in the form of admin fee.

This can be termed as an expensive program and far from the reach of a common man.


There is no visible advantage in joining this program.


The program is way too expensive and there is no support from the company in closing the sales. You do not get your claim on the first sale as it is considered as the qualifier sale. There is a lot of hype about the program and everything provided by the company appears fake.


Our 8 Figure Dream review conclude that this is not at all a recommended program. Moreover, the cheesy videos make an impression that 8 Figure Dream Scam will trap most of us soon. There is no proper training and support and minimum chances that you can ever get into the system and crack a sale. Even if you do, you do not have your say on it. If you are looking for an ideal home based business opportunity, we recommend you to join IWIN123 Business Opportunity.

Here you will get proper training as well as expert help in closing your sale. Additionally, not only the first sale is entirely yours but you earn 10% residual income throughout. The company has been running the business for more than 10 years now and thus you do not have to worry about your investments.