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Yet another cash gifting program that focuses on leveraging, Magnetic cash gifting home business has four levels of entry. Like many others in the market, this program also requires you to let go your first sale to your inviter.

Costs & expenses associated with Magnetic Cash Gifting System Program:

Magnetic Cash Gifting system offers four different levels of entry: $250, $500, $1500 & $ 3500. This is the first level where you start paying for this program. All you receive against this entry fee s a company website that tells you about the company, not a very impressive deal.

cash gifting system reviewHere onwards, you have to pay $47 per month towards any additional information that the developers provide you for your website and its marketing. You need this support because if you do not have any traffic, it means there you do not earn any money.

If you wish to use their auto dialer, you have to pay additional $200. This will offer you access to make automated calls with a 60 seconds message to over 800 people; another attempt that you make to boost your website’s traffic.

There is no free item that you get in Magnetic cash Gifting System. The costs are well justified but the owners would have been more generous by offering some above standard features on the products.

Legal Issues:

The program deems tax exemption as they claim the money you earn as a gift. However, the IRS does not believe in this as the program is marketed as a business from which people earn profits. This can be a major problem for most of the people with IRS.

There are many speculations about the legal aspect of the Magnetic cash gifting system program. To prevent any consequences, the operators claim it as a personal activity where they offer admission as per the invitation. They refer to the IRS Statute that states that money received as a gift up to $13000 is tax free.

The legal consuls say that this will not work in long term and will create a problem for the people. This is the biggest flaw of the system apart from that they also do not offer any solid product against which you get the money. Both the things will be tough to explain in the court.


The only advantage that you get from this program is a free website without any hosting fee.


It is a new program in the industry that too surrounded with many legal concerns. It also is vulnerable to hijacking and false testimonial upload in the participant’s account.


To be honest, after the entire review of Magnetic Cash gifting program, we do not find it worth recommending. However, the IWIN123 Home Business Reviews is one of the best programs that we would suggest to the aspirers. It is a great home based business opportunity that offers freedom of work as well as a constant income stream. Three reasons why you must join IWIN123 include:

  • It is a free to join program
  • You own your first recruit/sale
  • It offers you residual income which means you earn even when you are not putting any effort in the business.

It’s your turn to decide which one is the best program to join today.