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It has been over 4 years that Prosperity Freedom Gateway Gifting Program is in the market doing considerably good business. It is a 1UP Gifting program that has been quite appealing to a group of customers. The main reason is that it offers three levels of participation. $500, $1500, $3500. The program is known to be administered using a 3rd party tracking software that keeps records of referrals and gifts received.

Prosperity Freedom Gateway Review Expenses or costs:

The main fee that Prosperity Freedom Gateway demands is the tracking software fee that amounts $180/year. No doubt there are the costs of gifts that you have to buy at different levels of the program as well as the marketing cost that you will pay whenever you gift someone.

Legal Status:

Like all other gifting businesses, Prosperity Freedom Gateway Gifting Program also has some issues regarding its legal status. The actual legal status of this program is a constant point of debate. The first alarming condition is that the facilitators of the Prosperity Freedom Gateway Gifting Program do not refer it as a business. Rather they declare it as a private activity where only those, who have got an invitation, are allowed.

The facilitators thus refer to the IRS statute which states that gifts up to $13000 are tax-free. Thus they advocate that the money received under this program is tax-free.

However, upon consultation with our legal experts, it is made clear that the business will eventually fail to prove their gifting system and thus will be held responsible to hide taxes from the government. So, will be the members of the program.

The second alarming condition is non-availability of any products. There are no physical products that are sold or purchased under this program. So, basically, the members do not have any idea where is their hard earned money coming from.

Advantages of Prosperity Freedom Gateway Gifting Program:

The only advantage of this program is that it has the lowest fee for entry level, that is, $500. This makes it easy to approach for masses. The program organizers also offer well-scripted conference calls to invite prospects on weekly basis.

The Disadvantage of Prosperity Freedom Gateway:

The lack of professional marketing tools/systems, as well as the unavailability of any strong leaders in the program, makes it weak for the common man.

Compensation Plan:

The compensation plan of this program is another reason for many people getting attracted towards the business. The Prosperity Freedom Gateway Gifting Program pays out at three different levels, i.e. $500, $1500 and $3500. All the cash gifts are delivered through FedEx, UPS and/or DHL.

Support offered:

Sadly, there is no support offered by The Prosperity Freedom Gateway gifting program. There is even no training offered by the program administrators.


Our Prosperity Freedom Gateway Review concludes that no doubt the business is an easy to join lucrative home business but it isn’t what we would recommend. The reasons are many including the dicey legal status of the business as well as the unavailability of training and support.

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