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Have you lately heard a lot about the Secret Wealth Blueprint? Well, that is because isn’t is another business opportunity that allows you to work from home and people are curious to know about what it has to offer different than the existing market players in the home based business industry. In this secret wealth blueprint review, we will try to answer any and every question that you have about this program and will also offer our recommendations for the best home based business opportunity. So, let us get started:

Secret Wealth Blueprint

The company claims itself of being a progressive and independent business and assures that the business is 100% legitimate. However without any physical product and much information about the virtual products that the company markets currently, the legality of the business is a bit doubtful.

How does Secret Wealth Blueprint Program work?

The program is a product level program wherein every product level has some sort of training associated with it. The training is primarily about Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, and Leadership training. Once you purchase products of any level, you get access to the training and now you can resell those products in the market.

Costing of the Packages

This program is certainly not for people with middle income investing power. It can be stated a little overpriced with packages starting @ $3500. They offer 4 product packages Gold @$3500, Platinum @ $7000, Diamond @$ 14,000 & Ultra Royal @$ 21,000. Not only this, but you also have to pay an admin fee of $ 247, $447, $647, & $847 respectively for Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Ultra Royal programs.

What are the Payments?

For once the program sounds profiteering as the payments they offer are instant. As soon as you close the sale, you get your payment. There are a number of ways you can accept your payment including Cashier’s Checks, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Bank Wires or Direct Deposit & more.

Is it for a beginner like you?

Well, while the program says that it is the best for a person to start the marketing career. We do not think likewise. For us, the program is a way to high-ticket for a new bee to pursue. You will certainly not have the required skills or knowledge to convince people to buy the products, as it is already high in cost, people will have their own inhibitions in accepting the high price deal.

Does it bring any Residual Income?

Sadly not; there isn’t any provision of residual income in the secret wealth blueprint program. You can only share the training material with your team and guide them better. But, in response, you will not have any say on their incomes.  This means you have to put your own efforts to earn and expand.


Major secret wealth blueprint reviews clearly state that this is not a much-recommended program to join considering the complex structure, lack of residual income and high-priced products. We, however, recommend joining IWIN 123 home based business opportunity. This is the best home based business program that one should join, no matter a pro or a beginner. The program has a fixed 10% residual income chance and also offers complete support.

Your inviter will be responsible to help you close your first two sales and will be there to assist you in every deal. Moreover, the program is affordable and already popular among people, which makes it easy to convince people to join and flourish your business. IWIN 123 is way better than Secret wealth Blueprint in every aspect.