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The top two outcomes of our Synergy Wealth System Review are that it is a business with high adman fee & limited payout. Managed by Alex Minors, Synergy Wealth System offers downloadable software through their website. It is marketing and personal development software much similar like the other home business software in the market.

Synergy Wealth Systems do offer some sort of training. First created using post card marketing, the entire system was remolded in 2015 to adapt to the digital marketing structure. If you have money to get started in your marketing business, it is the right system for you. You need to pay $200 as the entry fee. The entire system is managed using a tracking software system.

Cost & Expenses associated with Synergy Wealth System

Synergy Wealth System ReviewOur Synergy Wealth System Investigation reveals that it is a system only for those who have enough money to spend for getting started. The entry level fee for this system is $200. The adman fee is 25% of the particular level you bring someone else. This lets the adman earn a whopping amount. The system can be thus claimed as one of the most expensive fee structure systems that are currently available in the market.

If you wish to use telephone calls to your clients, you have to buy it at a price of $300. This is a weekly fee that you need to renew every week.

Advantages of Synergy Wealth System

If you become a part of Synergy Wealth System you are free to use any marketing & promotion tools you wish. Though the owners offer a variety of tools most of the time members aren’t really interested in using these tools. You can get the income from a number of ways including FedEx, UPS or DHL.

Disadvantages of Synergy Wealth System

As a member of this system, you need constant help of your inviter. If you do not have prior experience, you would be dependent on your inviter or otherwise lost. Hence your success in the business depends on the expertise of your inviter. The system becomes a poor choice if you do not have an expert & truly innovative marketing method in hand.

Compensation plan under Synergy Wealth System

You can participate in Synergy Wealth System through 4 different entry levels; $200, 400, 1000, & 3000. The earning that you make from this system is only 25% of whichever level you are at. You need to pay shares to three other people including the admin of the company.

Support offered by Synergy Wealth System

The system offers some basic tools for training and marketing. However, the major extent of the support depends on the expertise of your mentor. Other than this there is no real marketing support.

Synergy Wealth System Review: Final Word

The entire program has a high adman fee and you get only 25% of your sale. You will be dependent on your inviter for all your business until and unless you wish to become lost in the system. It is thus a system for people with a strong background. The selling approach of this program is outdated as well as has a huge subscribing fee associated. Our home based business review declares it as a non-legitimate business.


If you are wondering what home based business you must enroll, we recommend you trying IWIN123 Home Based Business opportunity. It is an incredible business model that offers your freedom to work. Under this system:

  • You get 100% of your first sale.
  • You are eligible for 10% residual income.
  • You do not have to pay a hefty fee at the entry level.

Hence, IWIN123 is the best choice.