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Coach Scott Darvid Here, Welcome To My Website

Teaching and Training Ordinary People to $1,000 a day… The Easy Way!

Welcome To Our Website

Teaching and Training Ordinary People to $1,000 a day… The Easy Way!

Real View Promotions and Mobile Marketing Platform Showing Positive Results

Have you heard of SMS & Text Message Marketing and wonder all it is about? Do you wonder what magic can SMS marketing make to your business and increase your ROI? Are you still working on the vanilla model of email marketing and waiting for the customers to turn up for business? If so, you definitely need to know about the awesome results of Mobile Marketing.

Let me first welcome you to my world of SMS & Text Message Marketing. I am Scott Dravid your guide to the lucrative world of Best Home Based Businesses that makes your 8 figure dream come true. Let us start our journey to explore the many opportunities in SMS marketing and how you can benefit from them.

Text Message Marketing: A New Way To Woo Your Customer

There is no denying the fact that man today is dependable on a handheld device that leads every aspect of our life. Businesses operating on the email marketing platform are becoming moot day by day and the investments are running down the drain. To be honest we hardly have time to access an email to check out what is in store. But, the case is different with SMS marketing.

An SMS is an instant message that binds quick attention of the reader. With many messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Text Messaging and more, it has become very easy to stay connected. This lays the foundation of Text Message Marketing. It is an easier way to educated people about your home based businesses and expands.

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Email Vs. Message Marketing:

As per a report, marketing through emails is mundane. People show only 5% of open & read rate for emails whereas with SMS the response time is less than a fraction of a second. Take yourself as an example; you hardly have any unread message in your inbox. In fact, we read a message within seconds of its arrival. Here is how Mobile Marketing is a blessing for your business:

  • Text Messages show the truth of your business, that too, instantly.
  • It offers a high rate of customer engagement & client conversion as nothing remains unread.
  • There is no delay in response, people read and respond instantly to an SMS.
  • It is an instant attention grabber and claimed to create 95% of an impression on a prospective client.

Indeed these reasons are enough for you to consider Text Message Marketing important for your work from home business model. Isn’t it?

If so, here I am to help you out with my 100% result oriented Real View Promotions platform. Interested, here is much more for your interest:

Real View Platform: An Assured Way To Earn Business

Real View Promotion is your gateway to a successful business venture. It helps you in building clients and expanding your business. The platform utilizes text message marketing along with a follow-up email. Yes, the mix of these two components of virtual marketing is a killer and is assured to make results.

How it works:

It is no rocket science but more powerful than any other marketing platform. The process involves some simple steps:

  • Login to our platform & load all your contact numbers
  • Create your campaign
  • Submit and as you blink your eyes your inbox starts showing results of the opt-ins

As the prospects reply to your campaign message, they receive another message requesting their email address. The platform automatically builds a lead list and send emails to them regarding information about your website and business.

How Real View Promotion Helps You?

Real view Promotions has acute rates of success. It accentuates your opt-in rate dramatically and offers you a chance to connect with more and more people about your home based businesses. Text message marketing with Real View Promotions is indeed one assured way to explode your income with adding numbers of new partners and customers that earn you business in long run.

You can further accentuate your business with and live your 8 figure dream in reality.

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