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The Tidom Inc is probably the most popular business of the recent times. The business entity is gaining success in the market as more and more people are joining it with each passing day. Founded in 2015, the business is the brainchild of the same person who developed the People Program Gifting Program.  The founder intended to keep Tidom Inc. a legally free program unlike the counterpart cash gifting program and its legal complexities.

Though the two programs are quite similar, there is one major difference, which is an advanced feature added to the Tidom Home Based Business is the digital downloadable products in its gallery. The fee for the program is also higher, one has to pay hosting fee of $500 as well as an entry level fee which is as high as $22,000.

The business appears to be a lucrative opportunity, but there are always uncertainties associated with such business models. Helping you out, here we offer you an insight review of Tidom Inc.

How is the Tidom Inc Business going to drive sales that are expected from it?

tidom inc reviewsAll the products offered by Tidom Inc are perfect. They are just what a customer expects, but, the prime concern here is the high fee associated with these products. Will the customers be able to pay such a hefty amount?

Another loophole of the system is the commission chart. Not only you have to pay for the calls that Tidom Inc. offers you to close your sales but, you also have to give a whopping 33% of your commission from every sale. Wait, there is more, your inviter takes 100% commission of your first sale. Yes, you do not earn anything from your first sale.

Last but the most worrisome issue is rampant discounting offered by the members of the business to the prospective. Members are offering lucrative discounts to combat the cutthroat competition in the market. At such a time, how will one earn offering these huge discounts?

An ideal home based business model or a Tidom scam:

For a home based business to be successful, three basic pillars are required:

  • A strong marketing engine
  • A lucrative compensation plan
  • A residual income format

If these three pillars offer you support & favor you, you are on the right platform. But, sadly, Tidom reviews claim that the company lacks all of the three.

  • The marketing is poor as the members’ use voice broadcasting, post card sending methods.
  • The compensation plan is not at all lucrative as your first sale is all for the person who sponsors you. Moreover, you pay them $500 as the joining fee.
  • No residual income, if your sponsor someone all you get is 100% of the first sales and that’s it, there is no benefit of helping others.

What people actually want:

People want a home based business idea that generates them all these three factors. While Tidom Inc. fails to offer all these, IWIN123 is exactly the opposite. If you choose to be a part of IWIN Business opportunity, you get:

  • A chance to have freedom of business
  • Your first sale is only yours.
  • Help from the inviter in closing the first two sales
  • A residual income; that is you get 10% of the sales that every person invited by you makes in future.

Besides a robust compensation plan, these are the lucrative benefits you get with IWIN123 Home Based Business. So, do not wait further and make the right choice.