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The new business, more time more freedom by U Economy who has a good hold in the market with there 60 years of presence. The Unstoppable Marketers are offering a 12 level entry program that is better than most of the home based businesses in the market. The CEO of the company Peter Wolfing has sufficient experience in the field and with the promotional assistance of Unstoppable marketers, he has come up with a worth considering model. However, only if you are willing to invest money before you actually earn some, this program suits you. The entry level fee can go anywhere from $25 to $5000. The commission level also rises as per the level you are dealing. The program also has a three phase marketing system.  The program offers you downloadable products and is in its pre launch phase. The complete launch of the program is scheduled in mid-September.

The U Economy review states this program to be offering residual income but at the rate of a high entry fee. Here is the complete review:

U Economy: Expenses and other costs

U Economy home business is a three tier based business model- U-Academy, U-Marketplace, U-Crew.

U-Academy is a digital training center where you can become a member by paying $1500 as a onetime fee. However, if you want to more to the next level you will have to pay $3000 to $50,000 next five levels.

U Economy

U-Marketplace- Here you can sell your expertise and knowledge. The entry level fee is nominal, $25 but as you move to higher level the fee rises from $100 to $500.

Here you also have to pay a 5% payment processing fee on your total commission.

U-Crew:  The initial entry level fee is $49.95 but there are 12 levels n the group in which the commission level is different. The monthly commission paid for each level ranges between $7-$1.

Additionally, the system offers you the facility of U-Coaches wherein the professionals help you close your high-end sales. In case you avail the facility the commission is split in 50/50.

Legal background:

The program appears sound on legal backgrounds. They market there program as a home based business and any income you will make is subject to tax implications.

Advantages of U-Economy

We cannot claim it a U-Economy scam. The program does offer some advantages like $25 entry level fee and a 12 level residual income program. The products are also supportive and the company offers you some sort of downloadable products (although, no body prefers using them & work on their own.)

Another advantage is that it has a sound legal program and the sounder of the program is a pro of home business field with over 19 years of experience.

Disadvantages of U-Economy:

It is tough to close your sale on your own and if you seek help, you have to pay 50 percent of your profit to the phone closer. Moreover, the facility is only available if you purchase a product equal or more than $1500. The products are quite expensive the highest range is $50,000, which is surely a whopping price.

The program also demands a 5% processing fee on your commission payment. This way if you use phone closer services you will end up paying 55% of your commission to the business.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot refer any one on a higher level than you. If you do so, you will not be eligible for any commission and your commission will go to the next eligible person in that group.


If you are serious about earning money without any hassle, you must take our Multiplex Systems review seriously. Despite the efforts of Peter Wolfing, the program isn’t possible to do any miracle. We surely do not recommend you to step in Multiplex Systems Scam but we advocate IWIN123 Home business opportunity. It is an incredible business program that has a safe and sound program.

You can earn a fixed residual income that does not vary on any level. There is no commission processing fee. You have all the rights on your first sale and there isn’t any money to be paid for phone closers- your mentor will help you close your sale and guide you throughout for free.