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Xtreme Marketing Code is a two-tier front-end marketing system that is super easy to use and designed to market any business.  What makes Xtreme Marketing Code so unique is true residual income which is created by its unbeatable compensation plan, and lifetime resale rights to its software that you use to market your primary business or any business.  Ecommerce, health, books, affiliate marketing, insurance etc.  No Monthly Fees, No Contracts.  Xtreme Marketing Code is a premier mobile marketing solution.



True Residual Income:


Xtreme Marketing Code designed its compensation plan around True Residual Income.  Residual income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done.  With saying that, the bigger your marketing team, the greater your commissions equaling one solid True Residual Income stream that lasts your existence in the company.  The person who invited you into the company is financially vested in you, because when you make a sale he/she makes a commission.  Your inviter is not going to leave you in the dark.  Xtreme Marketing Code is a Team Effort.  Why does Xtreme Marketing Code call it “True Residual Income”?  Answer; because it is TRUE!  See the Xtreme Marketing Code compensation plan below.  It is one you will not want to miss!




Sales and Commissions Earnings


Sales and commissions earnings are essentially limitless.  Build your “Dream Team” as big as you can.  The more members in your team the greater your Earnings.  True Residual Income will ensue.




-Tier 1 Earning Flow


– You receive $40 from your first sale which is a 100% return to you.


– You receive $20 residual payments from ALL your team member’s sales


-Tier 2 Earning Flow


  • You receive $200 from your first sale which is a 100% return to you
  • You receive $50 residual payments from ALL your team member’s sales




Payments Paid Directly to You of Up To $200 Per Sale


Xtreme Marketing Code does not pay out any commissions, it is a peer-to-peer direct pay system.






Your Sales Are Essentially Limitless!  Five (5) Sales A Day = $500, Ten (10) Sales A Day = $1000, Fifteen (15) Sale A Day = $1500!  Notice How That All Can Add Up!!








Lifetime Resale Rights:


Xtreme Marketing Code offers and has the hottest marketing software in the business which members have lifetime resale rights to.  In Xtreme Marketing Code affiliates sell the software that they use to market their very own primary businesses.  Xtreme Marketing Code could be added as another serious income stream.  Like everything else, the more time you put in, the more you will get in return.




 Xtreme Marketing Code Software


Xtreme SMS Text Send sms messages using a keyword to your downline and prospects about special promotions, follow-up messages or upcoming updates to software.


Xtreme Ringless Voicemail DropLeave a voice message to your prospects cell phones voicemail box without phone ringing


Xtreme Voice Broadcasting Reach thousands of prospects and associates in bulk.  Fast and easy.


Xtreme Capture Page Creator– Super easy to use drag and drop style builder with unlimited creations.


Xtreme Pre-Written Email Auto-Responder/Email Broadcaster– leads page, pre-made marketing banners, pre-made capture pages, and pre-made sales pages all in your back office for you to use to market your business.




Prebuilt Done for You Promotional Website & Phone Number


Xtreme Marketing Code also gives its members a prebuilt website and phone number for you to use to market your business.  It is called Pass Along the Digits or   All you do is market the website telling prospects to use your keyword code to visit your site.  You can also Pass Along The Digits 845-977-4500 with your keyword code to market your business as well.


Test it here for free  Call: 845-977-4500 use Keyword Code: XMC




Freedom to Work from Anywhere


With Xtreme Marketing Code you can work completely mobile.  Work straight from your smartphone as many affiliates do.  Of course, a Wi-Fi connection helps to have as you set up your campaign by date and time.  Set it and forget it type software sends emails, texts, voice broadcasts, and ringless voicemails to your desired time.  Easy to use with no experience necessary.