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Yoonla Shut Down

If you are reading this article you are probably searching if Yoonla really shut down.. Well the answer is yes.

In this Yoonla Shut Down and Announcement Review I will beshowing you straight from the source how the owner and creator of Yoonla completely said “Im Done”

This Is posted on the Yoonla website which has Reno Van Boven owner and creator of Yoonla stating He’s done and in his announcement which you can find

This Yoonla Shut down has left millions of affiliates high and dry and looking for ways to keep there income flowing. Below I have an option for you to take advantage of which offers multiple streams of income while you only promote 1 link. I have displayed some of my results below with just 2 of the income streams. One of the Income streams is direct payment to you instantly. 

So what are my options?

Even though Yoonla shut down and the owner just left everyone high and dry stating you can earn money again until November you still have options. You have bills to pay and you need a constant and consistent flow of income into your business. So with this Yoonla Shut Down and Announcement Review I am going to show you what has been working for me on a consistent basis.

  • Done for you System
  • No selling or Telling
  • System takes your prospect through the sales process and on-boards them
  • Group support and members of my team get my personal group and weekly trainings
  • Newbie Friendly

So you may ask where do I get started with this system Well you can go right here and be set up in an hour.

This Yoonla Shut down Announcement has shed some light on being left stranded. One day your promoting the next day you have nothing to promote.


I have been in this industry for 4+ years now and have been very successful. I strive on helping others as this system delivers residual income on auto and has 5 income streams to top it. So what is this system you may ask? Well it is called Funnel X ROI.


In closing


In closing I would like to say the abrupt Yoonla Shut down has probably surprised many people and have many people scrambling to find an income stream. Well Funnel X ROI has 5 streams of income and have multy million dollar companys within it that are the income streams.

So I invite you to join my team today and build your dream or start over with a system that is flawless.


I look forward to working with you.

Scott Darvid